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Connectix Approved


Connectix is a UK company in charge of its own R&D, production and logistics chain.

They have been a leading manufacturer of communications products since 1993 and are amongst the top four cabling system suppliers to the British market. Connectix develops, manufactures and supplies advanced cabling solutions for today’s ten-gigabit data-driven IT industry. The Connectix product range covers Category 5e, 6 and 6a cabling, optical fibre and other containment and interconnect solutions. Connectix is renowned for innovation and their in-house facility makes it easy to customise products to clients’ requirements whenever necessary. The advanced network cabling products from Connectix provide the best performance at the lowest cost of all the major suppliers, and can guarantee the reliable performance demanded by tier 4 data centres.

Connectix guarantee freedom from cable imposed bit rate errors, excess delay and latency, jitter, inferior electromagnetic pickup and radiation performance.

Paxton Net2 Installer
Paxton Net2

Paxton Access Inc. is a global brand of IP access control and door systems, with 30 years' industry experience. Paxton Access Inc. is well positioned to provide both the installer and the end-user with innovative access control solutions to make their lives easier.

Paxton offer a vast product range including IP, wireless and battery powered access control solutions to provide reliable security for any site requirement. The company pay exceptional attention to the development of high quality products and customer care, ensuring they consistently bring advanced solutions to market. Paxton build systems that are easy to configure, install and implement and every product is backed by a no quibble five year warranty and total customer support.


Excel is a world-class premium performance end-to-end infrastructure solution – designed, manufactured, supported and delivered – without compromise. Excel is driven by a team of industry experts, ensuring the latest innovation and manufacturing capabilities are implemented to surpass industry standards for quality and performance, technical compliance and ease of installation and use.

With an emphasis on compatibility and standards compliance from cable to cabinet, reliability and product availability, Excel is the complete trusted solution. Since the brand was launched to the UK market in 1997, Excel has enjoyed formidable growth and is now reported in the latest BSRIA UK market report as the 2nd largest structured cabling brand with 17% share of the UK market in 2012.

With a focus on, system performance, independent verification and a 25 year product and application warranty, when installed by an Excel Partner, it’s easy to see why this is the system of choice in many government, education, retail, finance and enterprise installations.


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